Animal Identification and Marking Systems, Inc. (AIMS) is a leader in lab animal tattoo identification with over 42 years of experience providing support to research scientists. Our close interactions with scientists and their need for innovative research products resulted in the formation of AIMS Lab Products, a division that develops novel lab products for use in biomedical research.

The “In-Low Mouse Injection Platform” was the first product developed by AIMS Lab Products. This device allows for the quick and humane restraint of mice during tail-vein injections; providing minimum animal stress and making injections more efficient by reducing animal handling and technician time.

AIMS Lab Products currently manufactures over 30 unique products which include:

  • small animal surgery boards

  • post-surgery recovery chambers

  • CO2 euthanasia devices

  • procedure/dissection boards

  • stereotaxic LED lights and magnifiers

AIMS Lab Products continues to develop new lab products and pursue the improvement of existing products. We are committed to supporting biomedical research scientists with novel tools for their research experiments. AIMS Lab Products welcomes your product suggestions and any opportunity to help support your biomedical research (info@aimsLabProducts.com).