AIMS™ Disposable Plastic Restraints

Disposable plastic rodent restraints

Humane, Safe, Disposable Rodent Restraint System

  • Tail tattooing
  • Tail vein injections
  • Ip injections
  • Oral dosing
  • Decapitation
  • General restraint
  • Includes instructions and twist ties

Traditional Triangle Shape
Triangle Rodent Restraint
Triangle Restraint Sizes Table
Includes instructions & twist ties
*custom sizes available

Body-Contour™ Cone Shape
Cone Rodent Restraint
Cone Restraint Sizes Table
Includes instructions & twist ties
*custom sizes available

Technical Notes:

  • Do not leave animal in bag for extended periods of time. Animal body heat will increase when restrained in a plastic bag.
  • Placing a mark at the base of the tail (on top) before placing animal in bag will help with tail orientation when animal is fully immobilized.
  • Black/Rose colored restraint bags reduce light and provide a more calming environment for animals.
  • Body-Contour™ cone shape bags provide easier animal capture and increased animal comfort. 
  1. Precut sizes for quick use, Buy what you need in size/number (no excess).
  2. Easy-Flex-PETM provides effortless wrapping and added animal comfort.
  3. New Body-Contour™ Cone Shape provides easier restraint, exceptional comfort, and reduced animal stress.
  4. New Black and Rose color bags reduce natural light and aids in reducing animal agitation and stress.

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