AIMS™ CO2 Induction Chamber for Mice & Rats

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The Cleanest CO2 Induction Chamber on the Market!

SMALL FOOT PRINT – 9″ diameter, easy to keep on bench.

QUICK CONNECT W/VALVE – Closes when disconnected, keeps CO2 in tube and chamber.

DOOR – Place animals in chamber without losing CO2. Provides for ultra quick animal induction.

7’ TUBE – Easily connects to CO2 source.

DISPOSABLE BAG LINER – Animal feces & urine remain in bag with animal. Chamber is always clean.

DELIVERY TUBE WITHIN CHAMBER – Fills chamber from bottom, decrease induction time, “more humane”.

CLEAR ACRYLIC TOP – Easy to see animals in chamber.

SOLID SIDES – Prevents viewing of animals during the process.

COIC – CO2 Chamber
Includes: See thru acrylic door & quick connect w/valve, 7′ tubing, 50 disposable insert bags

COBL – Disposable Bag Liner (50 bags/pk)
Use w/CO2 Chamber